A Christmas Gift from The Craftsman Blog

By Scott Sidler • December 23, 2016

have yourself a merry little christmasEvery year at Christmas time I try to do a little something fun for my readers. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and for a musical theatre performer turned restoration contractor, I like getting to work with some of my old friends in the theatre world.

This year, I decided to butcher the lyrics of another one of my favorite Christmas songs and get my friends Jenn Warren and Jordan Wood-Robinson to put together an awesome arrangement just for The Craftsman Blog readers. (As always, subscribe to our Youtube channel to get our DIY video tutorials before anyone else!)

Enjoy your Christmas and I’ll see you after the New Year!

Have yourself a perfect restoration

Let your costs be light

You can make, that old house free of blight

Have yourself a perfect restoration

Make the plaster stay
Do your best, to make sure it does not give way
Peeling paint, more than yesterday
Seems like everyday there’s more

Creaking floors oh they drive us nuts

Why’d we take shortcuts, what for?

Through the years I know we will get through this

If the banks allow

I would love to fix the bathroom sink and how

And have myself a perfect restoration now

Broken glass on the window pane

God, it’s such a pain to glaze

On the roof, I’m patching and repairing

If my hands allow

But ’til then I’ll have to muddle through somehow

And have yourself a perfect restoration now.


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