4 Time Saving Products You Need

By Scott Sidler July 1, 2012

Tired of waiting for things to dry so you can finish your latest DIY project? Here are 4 must-have time saving products to speed up your work. These 4 items save us countless hours of what would be wasted time! Use these products and you can be assured of less waiting and more doing. Stop by the hardware store and add these to you shelves today. Full disclosure: We were NOT compensated for mentioning or using these products. They are simply quality products that our company uses and recommends.

1. Fast Dry Caulk – Most caulks take a long time to dry depending on the brand and type of caulk (silicone, acrylic-latex, etc.)  And there are some times when you need a slow drying caulk. But keep your eyes open at the home store because there are now many varieties of quick-drying caulk that work just as well as their slow cousins.

  • Acrylic latex – (Regular 2-4 hrs before painting) Quick-dry 30-40 mins.  After installing trim you can caulk all the joints and by the time you finish your caulking job you can get the paint ready to go put your first coat on. No waiting!
  • Silicone – (Regular 24 hrs before exposure to water) Quick-dry 3 hrs. The shower is now open!

2. Bondera® – Waiting 24 hrs for thinset to dry before grouting is one of the most aggravating parts of my job. But when I do tile back-splashes I can now install the tile and finish the grout job in the same day with this time saving tile mat. Just cut to fit, stick it to the wall, and then stick the tile where you want it. No more return trips thanks to this great product. Note: It’s NOT designed for floors, ceilings, fireplaces or exterior applications. But for walls and counters it is a real time saver and you won’t have the mess of dealing with thinset. Be careful though because the tile is much harder to move once you set it than with traditional thinset.

3. SHEETROCK Setting Type Joint Compound – Traditional joint compound or mud takes about 24 hrs to dry enough to be sanded. If you’re just looking to repair a section of drywall the waiting between 3 coats of sandings can make you crazy. But with this product you can apply and sand 3 coats in less than a hour.

This setting compound dries by a chemical reaction instead of evaporation and so it comes in various drying speeds. You can get 5, 20, 45, and 90 min versions. Just mix small batches and be ready to apply it immediately before it starts to cure. Careful if you’re doing large areas as this stuff can dry too fast.

4. Painters Putty – Filling nail holes is not my favorite task especially if you are doing it the way I was originally taught. Apply wood filler, wait for it to dry, then sand it smooth. Not anymore. Now I use an old school trick of painters. Painters putty is the way to go for filling and smoothing nail holes. Less mess and no sanding. It feels like play-doh and can be painted after only a few minutes (large holes will require more dry time). When you apply it just use your fingers to push it into the hole and then smooth off the excess. Quick and clean!

I hope these time saving products help you get through your next projects a little faster and a little cleaner. What products or techniques do you use that we might have missed? Leave us a comment and share your experience.

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