Month: December 2018

Party Like It’s 1969?

By Scott Sidler • December 31, 2018

Party Like It's 1969?

Tonight at midnight the ball will drop and the year 2019 will begin. That means from a historical preservation standpoint anything from 1969 or earlier is considered “historic”. Historic preservation has traditionally waited until at least 50 years has passed […]

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Scott Sidler • December 24, 2018

twas the night before christmas

Here we are on Christmas Eve! Can you believe how fast this year has gone? I hope your shopping is all done and you’re ready to cuddle up beside the fireplace to stay warm tonight perhaps with some eggnog, or […]

Does Aluminum Rust?

By Scott Sidler • December 17, 2018

does aluminum rust

Does aluminum rust? It’s a valid question and one that a lot of folks think they have the answer to, but you may be surprised by what I have to tell you about aluminum and its ability to stand up […]

Historic Preservation Time Machine

By Scott Sidler • December 10, 2018

historic preservation time machine

What if you could jump in a time machine and see what historic preservation has accomplished over the last 10 years? Well, you can and I’ll show you how in this post! But, first we need to answer a couple […]

How To: Deal With Asbestos Siding

By Scott Sidler • December 3, 2018

Asbestos siding was all the rage in the early part of the 20th-century. What Beanie Babies were to the 1990s, asbestos siding was to the the 1930s. Well maybe, it wasn’t quite the same, but you get the idea. It […]