Month: November 2015

An Old Fort Gets a New Look

By Scott Sidler • November 30, 2015

Fort Coombs Armory

My company recently finished the restoration of the windows at Fort Coombs in Apalachicola, FL and I wanted to share the project with you. These were some unique windows from a fort with a lot of history and meaning to […]

Turn an Old Door Into a Mid-Century Coffee Table

By Scott Sidler • November 23, 2015

Mid-century Coffee Table

My good friend and employee¬†Mark Akers not only helps me run a smooth shop as my production manager, but he also moonlights making furniture with a story. Mark takes pieces of old buildings like doors, flooring, old timbers, hardware and […]

Will HEPA Really Keep You Safe?

By Scott Sidler • November 16, 2015

Will HEPA really keep you safe

In the age of RRP renovation rules and a lot of fear about everything lead paint, it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe. A lot of folks hear about HEPA vacuums and think that if they just use […]

Working Safely With Lead Paint in an Old House

By Scott Sidler • November 14, 2015

Lead Paint

There’s a lot to know about lead paint before you start renovating an old house. Lots more than I can cover in one post and rather than trying to search through years of archives, I thought it would be helpful […]

How To: Glaze Windows

By Scott Sidler • November 9, 2015


Some of the most commonly asked questions I get are about how to glaze windows. What’s the best practices? What tips and tricks have I learned over the years? Basically, it’s a lot of folks wondering how to do it […]

How To: Cut Window Weight Access Doors

By Scott Sidler • November 2, 2015

How to cut weight pocket doors

Sometimes builders installed their old wood windows without weight pocket access doors to save a couple bucks. While it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, it creates a whole lot of work for us today when a […]