Month: September 2014

How To: Replace Glass on Steel Windows

By Scott Sidler • September 29, 2014

Steel windows

Working on steel windows is a completely different experience than restoring wood windows. Their construction is different and the techniques and tools used are different. One of the most common repairs you need to know is how to replace glass […]

How To: Remove Stain From Wood

By Scott Sidler • September 25, 2014

remove stain from wood

This week’s Ask The Craftsman question comes from Douglas. “What do you recommend to remove stain from an antique mantle?” Douglas, I’m assuming that we are not talking about pet stains here. Stains from pet urine blacken wood in a […]

The Greenest Building is the One Already Built

By Scott Sidler • September 22, 2014

Greenest Building

“The greenest building is the one that is already built.” Architect Carl Elefante who is the Director of Sustainable Design at Qunin Evans Architects in Washington, D.C. said it very succinctly. Eco-nerds talk about sustainability and energy-efficient design as much as us […]

How To: Fix Creaky Wood Floors

By Scott Sidler • September 18, 2014

How to fix creaky wood floors

This week’s Ask The Craftsman question comes from Heidi. “How do I fix creaky wood floors?” Heidi, there are a couple quick fixes for creaky wood floors that you can do. #1 Baby Powder Sprinkle some baby powder in the […]

How To: Get Huge Discounts on Tools

By Scott Sidler • September 15, 2014

how to get huge discounts on tools

I love tools! When I see a tool that I don’t have, my mind tries to create some need for it. And I already have a ton of tools. There is no way around it in this business.  But from […]

What Kind of Sash Rope Should I Use?

By Scott Sidler • September 11, 2014

sash rope

This week’s Ask The Craftsman question comes from Jeremy. “What kind of rope should I use to restring my windows?” There are a lot of different kinds of rope on the market, but only certain types are appropriate for your […]

How To: Lead Safe Work Practices

By Scott Sidler • September 8, 2014

lead safe

Last week I talked about how to properly test for lead paint. While testing for lead paint is an important start, simply knowing if there is lead or not won’t do much to protect you. You need to know how […]

Labor Day, Laboring day?

By Scott Sidler • September 1, 2014

labor day

Today I’m going to teach you something very important! Even old house owners need to take a day off from scraping, sanding and painting. Sometimes it feels like lather, rinse, repeat with an old house. Break out of the cycle […]