Month: September 2013

Choosing the Right Fastener (Part 2 Screws)

By Scott Sidler • September 30, 2013

Choosing the right fastener

Last week we talked about how to pick the right nails for the job. You can read that post here. This week we’re going to discuss how to choose the right kind of screw for the job. There are tons […]

Choosing the Right Fastener (Part 1 Nails)

By Scott Sidler • September 23, 2013

Choosing the right fastener

Choosing the right fastener for your home improvement project can be daunting. Should you use a screw or nail? How long does it need to be? Galvanized? Hardened? Brass? So many options means lots of ways to make a mistake. […]

How To: Prevent Termites From Taking Over Your House

By Scott Sidler • September 16, 2013

Termite damage

Termites have been keeping carpenters annoyed and employed for millennia. These sneaky little creatures can turn a solid wood structure into a pile of toothpicks in short order. Each year, termites and similar pests cause an estimated $30 billion in […]

The Best Paint Stripping Tools

By Scott Sidler • September 9, 2013

Being in the business of restoring old houses, I do a lot of paint stripping. And much of that paint is lead paint so I have to be extra careful to make sure we keep our dust under control. Here […]

How To: Find Studs in a Plaster Wall

By Scott Sidler • September 2, 2013

how to find studs in a plaster wall

If you own an old house with plaster and lath walls, you may have discovered how utterly useless a stud finder can be. Most smaller items can be hung pretty securely anywhere on the wall by screwing into the wood […]