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How Much Could Storm Windows Save You?

By Scott Sidler | January 18, 2016

How Much Could Storm Windows Save You

We all know that replacing your home’s original windows is not the solution. Or at least I hope you have seen the light by now. It doesn’t save the money the window companies claim and the replacements rarely last more […]

How To: Work With Spiral Balances

By Scott Sidler | January 11, 2016

Spiral Balances

While most of the windows on historic buildings built before WWII used the simple and effective rope and pulley counterweight system there are some that utilize different balances systems. A popular option were spiral balances, sometimes called a tube balance, […]

An Old Fort Gets a New Look

By Scott Sidler | November 30, 2015

Fort Coombs Armory

My company recently finished the restoration of the windows at Fort Coombs in Apalachicola, FL and I wanted to share the project with you. These were some unique windows from a fort with a lot of history and meaning to […]

How To: Glaze Windows

By Scott Sidler | November 9, 2015


Some of the most commonly asked questions I get are about how to glaze windows. What’s the best practices? What tips and tricks have I learned over the years? Basically, it’s a lot of folks wondering how to do it […]

How To: Cut Window Weight Access Doors

By Scott Sidler | November 2, 2015

How to cut weight pocket doors

Sometimes builders installed their old wood windows without weight pocket access doors to save a couple bucks. While it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, it creates a whole lot of work for us today when a […]

Bondo is Never the Answer

By Scott Sidler | October 26, 2015

how to patch wood with bondo

I was supposed to be posting on plaster textures this week but something happened this week that got me so riled up that I had to delay the plaster post. [Stands on Soapbox] Bondo. Bondo is a great product for […]

The Window Preservation Alliance

By Scott Sidler | October 12, 2015

Window Preservation Alliance

What is the Window Preservation Alliance (WPA) you ask? Well, it’s a new organization dedicated to saving old windows that I think you might want to know about. Why I think you need to know about this organization is because […]

How To: Install Indow Windows (in only 5 minutes!)

By Scott Sidler | September 14, 2015

how to install indow windows

If you haven’t heard of Indow Windows and you own and old house you are missing out. A couple years ago I bought some of these for my own house and was so impressed that I decided to become their Central […]