Breaking Glass in the Name of Science

understanding glass

Today I get to spend the afternoon breaking glass in the name of science and I’ve recorded it on video so you can benefit from my tests without the clean up. Back in the day glass used to be simple. There was a limited supply and variety that you could find for windows and doors. Picking the right types of glass was all about finding the right size to fit the opening. Today that’s no longer the case. Just […] Read on →

How To: Reglaze Your Old Windows {Video Tutorial}

Window Reglazing

Learning to reglaze your old windows is something that scares the pants off of many homeowners. But fear not! It does require practice and a bit of an artist’s touch to get it just right, but like anything, practice makes perfect. You can learn to reglaze your old windows yourself with just a little practice and some good training. However, describing how to reglaze your old windows in a blog post is a bit like trying to teach […] Read on →