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Deciphering the Sandpaper Puzzle

By Scott Sidler | February 29, 2016

Sandpaper is an integral part of any almost every kind of home repair, especially finish work. Painting, carpentry, refinishing, flooring, woodworking. They all require sanding at some point in the process so it’s imperative to know what you’re doing. There […]

Turn an Old Door Into a Mid-Century Coffee Table

By Scott Sidler | November 23, 2015

Mid-century Coffee Table

My good friend and employee¬†Mark Akers not only helps me run a smooth shop as my production manager, but he also moonlights making furniture with a story. Mark takes pieces of old buildings like doors, flooring, old timbers, hardware and […]

Will HEPA Really Keep You Safe?

By Scott Sidler | November 16, 2015

Will HEPA really keep you safe

In the age of RRP renovation rules and a lot of fear about everything lead paint it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe. A lot of folks hear about HEPA vacuums and think that if they just use […]

How To: Stop Peeling Paint on Windows

By Scott Sidler | August 17, 2015


Peeling paint is never a good thing, and in an old house one of the most typical places you’ll find peeling paint is on your windows. But if you knew what caused this incessant peeling you could stop it in […]

How To: Prep Wood For Stain

By Scott Sidler | July 13, 2015

how to prep wood for stain

Whether you’re refinishing your floors, making a table, cabinets or any other project that requires finishing it’s useful to learn how to apply stain properly and make your projects really shine. Applying stain is a pretty easy process that doesn’t […]

Finding The Best Wood Glue

By Scott Sidler | June 22, 2015

What’s the best wood glue? That depends. Maybe you’re building mortise and tenon joints. Maybe you’re repairing a small chipped piece of wood or gluing-up a table top.¬†I’ll help you find the best wood glue for your project in this […]

How To: Use Boiled Linseed Oil (Safely)

By Scott Sidler | May 4, 2015


Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) is a common item in my shop and in a lot of woodworker’s shops. It is a great oil treatment for woods, leaving a smooth touch on the surface. It revitalizes old dried wood and gives […]

How To: Remove Window Sash

By Scott Sidler | March 16, 2015

In my new book, Old Windows Made Easy, I outline the complete process for restoring wood windows. Today I want to walk you through some of the content in the book for free right here and teach you how to […]