6 Secrets to Silky Smooth Paint


Ok, this isn’t really a secret like professional painters are guarding this information jealously, hoping and praying you’ll never find out. There are no secret paint police to prevent the average homeowner from knowing their tricks. It’s just plain good sense to know how to get a super smooth coat of paint when you need it, and that’s what I’ll show you today. Trim, cabinets, woodwork, these all need smooth paint without brush marks and globs of paint scattered […] Read on →

My Favorite Oil-Based Paint

Ben Moore Impervo

This week’s Ask The Craftsman question comes from Damon. “What’s your favorite oil-based paint?” Damon, I get asked about my favorite this or that pretty often and realized that I have never answered any of those questions in a post so thanks for encouraging me to do that today. I’ll preface this by saying that this is totally a personal preference and there are a lot of good products out there. For me, it’s┬ádefinitely Ben Moore’s Satin Impervo. […] Read on →

Ask the Craftsman: Why are Porch Ceilings Blue?

blue porch ceiling

I’m really excited to be adding this new weekly series to The Craftsman Blog. Every week I get lots of questions. Many of them inspire the tutorials I post, but some are short answers that I usually email a reply to. But I realized that if one person has the question then probably someone else does too. So, every week I’ll be writing one of these mini “Ask The Craftsman” posts to share the answers to┬áthose questions with […] Read on →

How To: Find the Best Paint Brush

Paint brush

There are so many different types of paint brushes out there today. So, how do you know which one you need for your project? Should you buy a bunch of different brushes specific to each use or maybe just one all-around brush? What about cost? I’ve got so many bite marks on my tongue (biting my tongue to avoid piping up) from watching homeowners pick out the wrong paint brush. They just don’t know. But not anymore (at […] Read on →

Choosing the Right Primer

Choosing the Right Primer

Using primer should be an easy choice before any paint job. You don’t always have to prime before painting, but in the end it saves you time and money. Priming helps your paint cover in less coats, last longer and look better. It’s a win/win/win (if there is such a thing!) Choosing the right primer is paramount to making your paint job last. Using the wrong primer (or no primer at all) can actually cause paint failure if […] Read on →

4 Common Paint Problems & How to Fix Them

Alligatoring Paint

If you own an old house you have paint problems…somewhere. It may be from a poor paint job at some point or a paint job that is just too old. Keeping your house painted properly, especially the exterior, is imperative to the long term care of your house. Exterior elements deteriorate quickly without a protective layer of quality paint. Here are the four most common paint problems that you may find around an old house and how to […] Read on →

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Your Historic House

Courtesy Florida State Archives

There are a lot of options when it comes to painting the outside of your house today and some are good. Modern paint technology has essentially given us an endless supply of colors. But with so many paint choices it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to make a decision for your house. After all, having the outside of your house painted is a big expense and not something as easy to redo as an […] Read on →

How To Repair Old Plaster

Crumbling Plaster Wall

One of the easiest mistakes to make when renovating a historic home is to tear down the old plaster walls and replace them with modern drywall and joint compound. This not only destroys the historic architecture and features that make a historic home great, but it also adds to the overall costs of the project exponentially. Lime plaster has been in use for thousands of years from Japan to Egypt and has been employed in many historic structures […] Read on →