5 Dangers Hiding in Your Old House

Dust Mask

I admit, it’s a pretty sensational title, but there are indeed five things lurking within most any old house that could potentially spell disaster for you and your family. And knowing how to properly handle them is the key to staying safe. We’ll talk about those five things and how to best avoid them. So read on and take some notes to make sure you’re protected.

The Senator Burned

The Senator, a 3500 yr. old pond cypress tree

  Today The Senator, a 3500 yr. old pond cypress tree in Longwood, FL was killed by a tragic fire. Investigators have found that the fire started 120 ft up the tree and was most likely the result of a lightening strike that smoldered for days inside the tree before finally breaking into a full fledged fire on January 16. This majestic tree towered 125 ft. tall and was a spot of historical significance for the region. The […] Read on →