How To: Cut Tenons on a Table Saw


Mortise and tenon joinery is the great workhorse of wood joinery. It makes for extremely strong joints and it is immensely flexible in terms of the variations you can use. If you are building something that requires 2 pieces of wood to intersect at right angles then a mortise and tenon joint is the best option you can choose. Yes, there are other options like pocket hole screws, dowels, biscuit joints, and on and on, but none of these […] Read on →

Historic Trim & Moldings

Molding and Trimwork

The trim installed in your home has gone through a lot of changes over the last couple centuries. On the simple frontier homes of early colonial America there wasn’t much need for the fanciful trim and moldings present in European homes at the time. It was a wild country and the focus was on survival. But as the country matured so did its stylistic tastes in molding. Why Moldings? Moldings came about because they both simplify the process […] Read on →