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An Old Fort Gets a New Look

By Scott Sidler | November 30, 2015

Fort Coombs Armory

My company recently finished the restoration of the windows at Fort Coombs in Apalachicola, FL and I wanted to share the project with you. These were some unique windows from a fort with a lot of history and meaning to […]

6 Things I Wish Architects Knew

By Scott Sidler | October 5, 2015

6 Things I Wish Architects Knew

I recently learned of yet another window project gone awry. The 1920 Lake Ave. fire station in Saratoga Springs, NY is due for an renovation. It needs some structural repairs to its floors, some framing repairs and also window repairs for its […]

Is Your Siding…Vegan?

By Scott Sidler | July 20, 2015

is your siding vegan?

Vegan is all the rage these days along with gluten-free everything. I remember as a kid the strangest diet I every heard of was a vegetarian which I could understand, but knew wasn’t for me. Today things are very different. […]

Vapor Barriers 101

By Scott Sidler | March 2, 2015


When old houses were built there was no such thing as a vapor barrier. Sure there may have been felt paper or rosin paper installed under the hardwood floors or behind the siding but these pieces weren’t as much about vapor […]

Brushing vs. Spraying Paint: Which is Best?

By Scott Sidler | November 24, 2014

Brushing vs. Spraying Paint

I get asked a lot why we don’t spray our primer on window sashes. Just the other day one of my employees asked the question, hoping they had thought of something that might make our jobs easier and the work […]

What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Windows

By Scott Sidler | November 10, 2014


Windows are a lot like Star Trek. Got your attention didn’t I? But seriously, come with me on this. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock there is a brilliant line by the head engineer Mr. Scott (who has […]

The Thermostat Age

By Scott Sidler | October 13, 2014

The Thermostat Age

We live in an age of spectacular technology today. We’ve invented creative solutions to countless problems that used to plague humanity. Today you can solve most anything with a simple query from you smart phone. The information age truly has […]

3 Secrets to a Stress-Free Remodel

By Scott Sidler | August 11, 2014

Some renovations drag on and on and on with no end in sight. Delays, revisions, inspections they all conspire to make your project feel like it will never end. Or maybe you can’t get your project off the ground. You’ve […]