Historic Home Tips

Historic Home TipsFrom years of restoring old homes I have learned quite a few tips for historic homes. Some of them were taught to me and others I learned by making mistakes I vowed never to make again. Some are grander in scale and others are quick and easy to apply today.

Bottom line . . . If you live in an old house there is something here specifically for you!


  1. Keep Private vs. Public Spaces
  2. Respect Your Home’s Vintage
  3. Keep Exterior Proportions Relative
  4. Study Your Neighbor’s Houses
  5. Start Outside
  6. Be a Detective
  7. Hire a Specialist
  8. Make a List
  9. Seek Out Other Old Home Owners
  10. Blend Your Story With Your Home’s
  11. Repair, Restore, Replace
  12. Restore or Remodel
  13. Keep Period Details
  14. Antique Glass
  15. The Porch Fan Solution
  16. Patience

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